Mount ipod Touch on Xubuntu 11.10

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During these days I've almost gone crazy trying to mount my ipod Touch (I know what you're thinking...I know, but it's a gift and I care a lot about it) on my Xubuntu 11.10 system.
On the other Ubuntu distributions, thanks to the new libraries, the Apple devices are mounted automatically once connected to the USB, but Xface, for some reason, do not wants to.

After tried in all ways, I found the solution casually:
it was sufficient to install ifuse and start nautilus to browse the system directories.
My device finally appeared on the left column.
Right click, mount.
Simple and painless.

sudo apt-get install ifuse
sudo apt-get install nautilus


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    1. @Richard Sandberg
      Dear Richard,
      thank you so much!
      In this period I'm very busy and I'm not writing, but I will post something else as soon as possible.
      Thanks again...

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