The solution is simple

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Me: "Damned, I'm exhausted"

A friend of mine: "What?"

Me: "It's since three days I'm working like crazy trying to solve a problem looking at a black shell."

A friend of mine: "Change the shell background"

Magic board! #2

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This time topic:
test an algorithm to build a dictionary binary tree used by the lz77 compressor to encode data.

Writing the compressor code is killing me!


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Disappointed by my small town.
Disappointed by the people.
Disappointed by the way they think.

Forgive me for the outburst.

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Digital Diary

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Today I want to talk about something I really liked: Digital Diary.
It's a project born from the initiative of the APT Basilicata which selected seven and invited seven blogger and videomaker from all over the world "to create a very young and contemporary view of this Southern Italian region Basilicata."
Result: seven wonderful videos!

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Born from the ashes of (read the post), is a daily blog that explores the intersection of art, design, contemporary aesthetics and street cultures.

I highly recommend you to follow the blog!